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Palestinian Politics

On the topic of Palestinian politics, Benoit Challand has worked and published on:

- The question of the PLO-returnees;

- Political formation of cabinets and coalitions, up to the 2007 armed stand off between Hamas and Fatah;

- Civil society: de- and re-politiciization of social movements and the impact of international aid.

Some published material dealing with a sociological  analysis of the Palestinian ruling elites since the Oslo agreements can be found in LIMES  (2007, in Italian), and in a 2008 article of A Contrario ( in French).


He recently published an Op-Ed on the stand off between Fatah and Hamas, published in the Fall issue of The International Spectator (2009). He argues that even if Israeli Operation Cast Lead seemed at first to have driven a decisive wedge in the prospect of resumed unity between Fatah and Hamas because of President Abbas' mild condemnation of the Israeli operation in December 2008, both main Palestinian political factions decided to launch a process of reconciliation under the aegis of the Egyptian government. The two main stumbling blocks on the road of unity remain, he argues, a formal agreement in terms of institutional power sharing and the question of resources linked to security management in the Territories.


Within the framework of the Joint European-Palestinian Research Centre (PAHITH - a think tank and research centre created by young scholars of Palestine and Europe) in 2006), Benoit Challand and his colleagues are writting short political reports on the most pressing issues that Palestinians are facing during the current Intifada.



Last Updated ( Friday, 16 October 2009 )
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