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Consultancy & media

Here is a brief description of the work commissioned to Benoit Challand on his field of expertise.


In 2009, Benoit Challand has also responded to international media about the Israeli campaign in the Gaza Strip in the beginning of 2009. Click here for an interview for the BBC, French Services aired on Jan 22, 2009 (LARGE FILE ! 20MB in MP3 downloadable format). For an interview in a Swiss newspaper, La Liberte (15 Jan. 2009), click here.


Democratisation Swiss Handbook Civilian Peacebuilding

On behalf of the Swiss Foreign Ministry (Political Affairs IV - Human Security), and as a member of the Swiss Exerpt Pool, Benoit Challand wrote a commented bibliography on the issue of Democratisation.  This was commissioned within the framewok of the Swiss Expert Pool for Civilian Peacebuilding and for its Resource Handbook, a tool kit serving for civilian peacebuilders working on the field.

For a presentation of the Handbook and of the Swiss Expert Pool, click here.



Palestinian Civil Society and NGOs

He was commissioned to write two partial reports on the situation of Palestinian NGOs during the second Intifada.

The first one was about the Small NGO Project run by the German Technical Development Office (GTZ) and operated on the ground by the main German Stiftungen. Benoit Challand's task was to provide background information about the evolution of the Palestinian NGOs and to feedback on the work of smaller NGOs active in the field.

For a presentation of the GTZ, click here.
For a presentation of the German Fund for small NGOs, click here.


The second report was dealing with the evolution of the relationship between the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and the Palestinian NGO sector. The report was commissioned by the Tokyo Middle East Institute on behalf of the Japanese Government in 2003.

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