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Visual Sources


Here are few examples of visual courses gathered for the project 'Sickle and Crescent'.

 Affice CED CDE Europe    Pour une europe unie anti communisme

Left: A poster supporting the establishment of a European Defence Community (1951)
Right: A poster calling for European Unity against the communist threat represented by the
Soviet symbols of the hammer and sickle in the dark clouds (1952).
Source (both): BUSSIERE E., DUMOULIN, M. & TRAUSCH G. (2001) Europa. L’idée et l’identité européenne,
de l’Antiquité grecque au XXIe siècle
, Fundacion Academia Europea de Yuste,  pp.283 and 287.


Posters and caricatures below taken from various history textbooks (French and German).

Affiche Anti-PCF

 Caricature anti-or pro-Turkey in the EU











 Map caricature Europe change

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